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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/college-arts-and-sciences-0"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences" title="College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>The College of Arts and Sciences is exploring contemplation's rich legacy in religions, while researching ethical reasoning, cultural contexts, and the convergence of the humanities and sciences. One of the world's finest, the Department of Religious Studies, interprets contemplative traditions in historical, cultural, and contemporary contexts. Humanists are partnering with scientists and the professional schools to bring the power of their collective knowledge to bear upon the challenge of understanding the dynamics and utility of contemplative practices in context. The College is initiating diverse contemplative learning programs throughout the college inside and outside of the academic classroom in the humanities and sciences.</p>
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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/mcintire-school-commerce"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="McIntire School of Commerce" title="McIntire School of Commerce" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">McIntire School of Commerce</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>The McIntire School of Commerce is one of the nation's top business schools, offering world-class undergraduate and graduate level programs that are engaged in the creation and dissemination of knowledge that significantly influences the ideas and actions of students, scholars, and business leaders through the world. McIntire is now exploring contemplation in student practice programs, as a subject matter for teaching, and for pedagogical practices. It is offering a pilot academic course in mindfulness for third year students, while important research includes David Mick's (McIntire) book <em>Transformative Consumer Research for Personal and Collective Well-Being.</em></p>
    </div>  </div></div></a></div><div class='clear'></div><h2>S</h2>
<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/school-nursing"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="School of Nursing" title="School of Nursing" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">School of Nursing</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>The School of Nursing is a national leader with a commitment to clinical excellence, robust research and evidence-based practice, and to cultivating leadership in students and faculty. Its Compassionate Care Initiative calls upon contemplation in promoting resilience and high quality, compassionate care while preventing burnout among healthcare workers, and reducing costs. Other programs promote wellbeing, efficiency, excellence, and resilience for patients and their families, as well as for students, staff, and faculty. Nursing has research on contemplation, wellbeing, and human optimization in the health sciences, as well as on physical illness and health, and mental health and functioning.</p>
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<div class="list-group"><a href="/content/uva-school-medicine"><div class="list-item"><div class="list-item-image"><img src="" width="150" height="150" alt="UVa School of Medicine" title="UVa School of Medicine" /></div>  <h3 class="list-item-title">UVa School of Medicine</h3>  <div class="list-item-body">    <div class="list-item-teaser"><p>The University of Virginia School of Medicine was envisioned and established in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, the third President of the United States. </p>
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