Sam Green



Sam Green

Sam Green (Ph.D., Cell Biology, Yale University) came to the UVa School of Medicine in 1994 to do research in cell biology. Two years later, he signed up for a Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class to cope with job stress. This turned out to be a life-changing experience. After exploring mindfulness in greater depth for several years through classes, practice groups and retreats, Sam closed his research lab. He then taught part-time at the medical school, and pursued additional mindfulness training.

In keeping with the spirit of the MBSR program, Sam teaches mindfulness as a way of living – something to experience all day, every day, in everything we do, not as a tool to be used in the service of personal achievement. He was an instructor at the UVA Mindfulness Center for ten years, where he taught MBSR and other related classes, co-taught a fourth year elective for medical students with Julie Connelly, offered a weekly mindfulness workshop for medical students for several years, and co-taught a mindfulness class for undergraduates with Susan Bauer-Wu. In addition, Sam has given short introductory presentations in many venues, including several UVA departments, fraternities and sororities, and provides a weekly educational group for patients in the psychiatric ward. He also hosts a weekly meditation group for the Compassionate Care Initiative at the School of Nursing. 

Sam has a particular interest in teaching mindfulness practice to young people. He has developed a full-semester undergraduate mindfulness class based loosely on the MBSR program. More than 40 sections of this class have been offered through a number of schools at UVa since 2009. He resigned from the School of Medicine in 2014, and is now offering many more undergraduate mindfulness classes, sponsored by the School of Nursing and the Contemplative Sciences Center. He also launched Mindfulness 2.0, Deepening Your Practice in 2017, for students who already practice regularly and are interested in learning more.