Fall 2017 : Second-Year Japanese I - JAPN 2010

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Fall 2017 : Second-Year Japanese I - JAPN 2010

As a continuation of JAPN 1010-1020, this course focuses on becoming more proficient in both written and spoken Japanese, moving from the beginning-level to intermediate. Students will master fundamental grammar and vocabulary as they practice in situated conversations as well as reading/writing in a fun and encouraging environment. Understanding Japanese culture and its communicative strategies plays a significant role in this course.
As rigorous and challenging our Japanese course curriculum can be, we, as a classroom community, care about each other’s well-being. We will practice how to be mindful and compassionate to ourselves, as well as to others, and study how practicing mindfulness can potentially affect your course of learning.   
The goals for JAPN 2010 are Language Proficiency | Community | Challenge | Awareness:  
- Broadening and deepening knowledge of, and proficiency in, using Japanese language.
- Being able to work in and contribute to a community (both the learning community and any Japanese-speaking group).
- Understanding the importance of, and coping with, taking risks, failure, challenge, and difference.
- Becoming a more aware, self-directed, and attentive learner. 
Section 1    M-F, 10:00 -10:50 New Cabell 594
Section 2    M-F, 11:00 -11:50 New Cabell 056
Section 3    M-F,   1:00 -  1:50 New Cabell 056
Instructor: Mieko Kawai
*4 credits