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Request for Papers: Mindfulness-Based Interventions for the Treatment of Pain

We are soliciting submissions for issue of The Journal of Pain Management addressing mindfulness-based interventions for treatment of pain.


About Us

The Contemplative Science Center's mission is to explore contemplative practices, values, ideas, and institutions historically and in contemporary times to better understand their diverse impacts, underlying mechanisms, and dynamic processes through analytical research and scholarship, as well as to help develop new applications and learning programs for their integration into varied sectors of our society. Our mandate is to pursue research, learning, and engagement related to contemplation across all schools and organizational units of the University of Virginia, and to become national and international leaders in this rapidly growing field of activity. Three core commitments shape our distinctive profile:

(i) fashioning reciprocal partnerships between scientists, humanistic scholars, ethnographers, and practitioners, and in particular creating new relationships across the sciences and humanities;

(ii) building tight relationships between tradition, research, innovation, application, and engagement;

(iii) taking care to address issues of inclusivity across the dividing lines of inequity and addressing issues of social justice.

The Eleven Schools of UVa

Our directorship, classes, and research and learning projects cumulatively involve partnerships with all eleven schools of UVa:

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