Led Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga


Led Primary Series Ashtanga Yoga


Beginning Fri. Jan 19, 2018
Every Friday from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM


North Grounds Recreation Center, MP3

Led Full Primary Series is a traditional Sanskrit counted vinyasa class (ekam, dve, trini….) suitable for those with an existing Ashtanga yoga practice. Students in this class aim to move and breathe with the count as one. Students generally do not move beyond their abilities but stop where they are unable to complete a posture and do closing (finishing) postures in the back of the room.  
To participate, purchase one of the following passes:
1)  30-Day Pass for $40 
This allows access to Mysore Ashtanga Yoga classes only. No membership required.

2)  Group Exercise Pass (free between Jan 2-Jan 24).
 This allows access to all Group Ex classes; Available only to students and IM-Rec Sports members.
3) Guest Pass
Non-members/guests may purchase single class passes for Mysore Ashtanga Yoga. Pricing/policies here.

For All Passes
If you are a gym member, you still need to purchase a pass.
Purchase passes by calling 434-924-3791 OR visiting the IM-Rec Sports Business Office.
If you are unsure of where or how to begin, or have any other questions or concerns email csc@virginia.eduFor more information, you may meet with our friendly instructors in person and/or observe a class before you begin.